The Biggest Influencer Awards are Coming Soon!

Influencer awards

If you’re active in the online media or influencer marketing space, you would agree that there is a lack of quality influencer awards and conferences. While there is a conference for everything today, influencers are devoid of proper representation, especially since the whole space is more or less informal.

Fortunately, the biggest influencer awards in the industry are coming soon, in the shape of GURUS AWARDS, which will kick off with a mega event in Kyiv, Ukraine, in April 2020.

Influencer awards to recognize positive impacts

The aim behind GURUS influencer awards is to recognize the most impactful influencers across a variety of niches, including but not limited to, the best entertainment influencers, photography influencers, arts & crafts influencers, gaming influencers, fashion & lifestyle influencers and so on.

Moreover, the ranking and awards will not simply be based on popularity, but will also take other factors into account, such as influencers’ performance, public voting, technical prowess and so on. Ultimately, GURUS AWARDS intends to help the industry’s most promising influencers find a platform via its influencer awards event.

Brands, Software Devs, Bloggers and Marketers Welcome

Apart from influencers, the GURUS influencer awards will welcome the top brands, which use influencer marketing effectively, as well as software tools, marketers and bloggers, all of whom will share their insights into online marketing and the best possible use of influencers.

Influencer awards on a global scale

Just like the world of online marketing knows no borders, the upcoming influencer awards, the GURUS AWARDS, will start off with an event in Kyiv, Ukraine and then launch a global event later in 2020, catering to influencers, marketers, and companies from around the world, regardless of their geographic location.

How to participate in GURUS influencer awards?

The GURUS AWARDS are currently in the process of shortlisting nominees and confirming bookings for attendees. If you’re interested in attending or submitting your name (or someone else) as a nominee, feel free to visit the official website of GURUS AWARDS for more details.

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