Oscars for Influencers? Influencer Awards 2020 Has Big Plans

Oscars for Influencers

The influencer marketing space is being filtered for the better, as Instagram is hiding likes and brands/advertisers are seeking more performance-driven campaigns. Fake influencers are being rooted out, and that is crucial because fake influencers have caused billions of dollars in losses to legit companies.

Another big step towards recognition, not just for the top-tier influencers but newcomers and smaller, micro-influencers, is the existence of influencer awards, becoming like the Oscars for influencers, where all categories are recognized and rewarded for remarkable work, moving the industry forward.

The upcoming Influencer Awards 2020, under the banner of GURUS AWARDS, are gearing up for such an event, in Kyiv, Ukraine, in April 2020, and will be followed up by global ceremonies.

Influencers, big and small, can benefit significantly from participating in and winning influencer awards, as they not only increase exposure but present a vote of confidence for influencers who are truly engaged in creating unique content, forming beneficial relationships with advertisers and companies, and building trust among their followers.

If you’re an influencer and were always wondering if there will be an Oscars for influencers, sign up for the Influencer Awards 2020 and get updates ahead of the big event!

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